-What are the school day hours?            

           School Day: 7:45 a.m. - 3 p.m.

           Office: 7:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

-What time is early release?

Elementary School - Early Release: 11:45 a.m.

-What days can I have lunch with my child?

            Parent visitation days aren't on specific days. However, parents are encouraged to visit about once  a week. 

            *Please wait a week or two after the first day of school to start lunch visitations. The delay allows kids to reaclimate to being at school again.


-I’ve seen those awesome personalized hallway signs! How do I get one of those?

            They’re cool, aren’t they? Those signs are available for a specific time period by bidding in our Silent Auction in the Spring. You have to be quick! Our families love those signs and they go FAST! The neatest part is that after your display time period ends, you get to keep the sign! It’s a cool keepsake to have.  I know…I have THREE!


-What about the marquee in the front? I want to wish my child a Happy Birthday, too. How do I get time on that?

            A message on the marquee is also purchased in our Silent Auction in the Spring. Marquee messages are also very popular. Again, my advice is to snatch it up when you see the timeframe you want is available. While your message is up, you can bring your child up and take cool (to parents) pictures of them standing next to the marquee. As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve won a marquee message in the Silent Auction, too.


-So you’ve mentioned this Silent Auction twice. What is it?

            Silent Auction goes hand-in-hand with Spring Fest. Together, they are our PTA’s big fundraiser of the year. It usually happens in April or May. For Silent Auction, your child’s class Room Representative will collect money from class parents to create a class basket. Usually, a theme is involved: date night, board games, organization, Minecraft, etc. Those baskets, in addition to awesome donations from area businesses (e.g. gift cards, fitness memberships, jewelry), are auctioned off online. Once you’re done winning items in the auction, the real fun begins…it’s Spring Fest time! We don’t sell candy bars, or magazines. We organize the most amazing community carnival around—Spring Fest:  exciting rides, fun games, delicious food, friends, and family! Held on Prairie Trail’s campus grounds, Spring Fest invites the community to come enjoy our Texan spirit and raise funds for our PTA. It’s a great time and we hope to see you there this year! You’ll get loads of information about Spring Fest as the school year progresses.


-When are PTA meetings? When are early release days? When is Talent Show? How do I keep up with all that is happening?

            All events are available online at http://www.prairietrailpta.org/calendar. Please note that dates and times for future events are subject to change. The calendar on the PTA website is updated regularly as new information becomes available.

-Do volunteers have to do anything to prepare for things we’ve signed up for? Can we just show up?

            All volunteers must complete a background check through LISD before they are permitted to volunteer with the children. You can complete the necessary documents at https://www.lisd.net/Page/386. LISD manages their volunteer needs across all campuses through the Voly system. Our PTA uses PT-Avenue to manage our donation and volunteer needs. So anything our PTA needs for teacher luncheons, class parties, field day, etc. will appear in PT-Avenue, not Voly. You’ll get an email with the results of the background check once it is completed. It may take up to three (3) weeks for background checks to be completed. Please plan ahead! Don’t wait until the day before you’re scheduled to chaperone a Field Trip to complete the background check forms!


-Do I have to complete the background check every year? I also have a middle schooler, do I have to complete one for his/her campus, too?

            No and no. Background checks are good for three (3) years, so you must complete the process again in three years. During the completion process in Voly, there is a section for marking all the LISD campuses at which you’re interested in volunteering. This section is where you mark the campuses for all your children. Voly will send you emails with the volunteer needs that match the campuses you have chosen.

-I want to be my child’s teacher’s Room Representative. How do I sign up?

            Our super Room Representative team have created a Google form parents can fill out online at: http://bit.ly/2LVI36A. In addition, a paper form will be sent home in your child’s take home folder. You will be able to note your volunteer availability on this sheet.


-How do I join PTA?

            Awesome question! You can join online anytime at www.joinpta.orgAdditionally, you can fill out a membership form available at Parent Orientation, or online at http://www.prairietrailpta.org/MEMBERSHIP. Return the completed form and payment in an envelope marked “PTA” to your child’s teacher, or to the front office. It’s that easy!

-How do I get a Field Trip t-shirt?

            With paid PTA memberships, $5 Field Trip shirts are available online until September 1st. The link to these shirts will be emailed to you by our Spirit Wear Team. All other spirit wear is available online at https://prairietrail2018.itemorder.com. There are many options to choose from! Long sleeve, short sleeve, v-neck, etc. Go ahead! Click the link and take a look! Orders are completed on a monthly basis (usually 1st of each month) and Locker Room Sports will contact you directly when orders are available for pick up. Questions? Email: spiritwear@prairietrailpta.org.

-How do I become a member of the PTA facebook page?

            Due to the confidentiality of our students and families, only paid PTA members are permitted access to the PTA facebook page. Pictures of students and teachers are often posted in this group, so we are overly cautious about accessibility. It is a very laborious process to manage the membership of the group, but we feel it is worth all this effort to maintain the facebook group as a resource for parents. Friendly reminder: you have to answer two questions when you submit a request to join. If you don’t answer the questions, you won’t be given access.